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Protecting your investment.

Weather, disease and insects put your crop at constant risk. We provide a complete range of crop protection products and solutions, from bio fumigants and bio stimulants, to fleece crop covers and a full range of agrichemical solutions. Our expert agronomists will help you to fully utilise these options to gain the maximise benefits they offer. 

chemical solutions

The science of success.

Agrichemicals are an important part of any holistic food production system and growers trust in the experience of our agronomists to manage them to their best advantage. Our team is actively engaged with manufacturers in developing IPM programs to maximise yields and quality while minimising environmental impacts.


crop covers

We’ve got you covered.

From premium quality bird and insect netting to temperature controlling fleece, we have a complete range of crop cover options as well as the gear you need to deploy and secure it.

More information coming soon on Insect Netting, Bird & Hail Net, Fleece and more.  

Call us for more information 09 237 1153

cover crops

Natural soil support.

A cover crop is a important and useful tool for any modern cropping system, with benefits that include managing soil erosion, improving soil fertility, improving soil quality, assisting with drainage and helping manage pests and diseases.


Cover crops may be an off-season crop, sown after harvesting and we sell a variety of cover crop seeds for different purposes. Have a chat to our team about choosing the right one for your farm.

Cover Crops

bio fumigants & stimulants

Nature fighting for you.

Cover Crop Canterbury.jpg


Biofumigation is the suppression of soil-borne pests and diseases using naturally occurring gases or fumigants, produced by the decomposition of freshly chopped plant material buried in the soil.

Because it is less toxic and persistent in the environment than synthetic fumigants and other chemical pest control methods, biofumigation is a sustainable and environment-friendly option that can replenish the nutrient content of the soil and promote the growth of beneficial organisms.

Our agronomists will work with you to develop and manage a biofumigation programme tailored to your farm.

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