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Fuelling your business.

Nutrition is a fundamental part of agronomy and an integral part of any crop production system. Seed & Field offers a comprehensive range of solid fertilisers and specialty foliar nutrition products. Whatever you grow, our expert Agronomists can tailor a nutritional program to deliver optimal results. Our comprehensive nutrition services include soil testing and independent analysis of results designed to maximise your returns. 


The building blocks of healthy crops.

Balancing your crop nutrient requirements with Farm Environmental Plans can be challenging. We can tailor a program to enable your plants to reach their full potential and achieve maximum returns while still meeting your regulatory requirements.

Our liquid and granular fertilisers aid in the rapid delivery of plant nutrients and restoring soil fertility and we offer a complete range of customised blends and formulations to meet your specific requirements.


foliar nutrition

Plant health from the top down.

Foliar fertiliser application feeds plants by applying liquid fertiliser directly to their leaves. It can be an excellent supplement to soil-applied nutrients, especially if there is a shortfall of soil nutrient availability or if there are issues within the plant’s metabolism that can result in poor utilisation. Our range of foliar products has been extensively trialled and measured to ensure they deliver the results.

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